Victoria Bisogno – President and founder

    Victoria Bisogno Presidente El Club del Té

Victoria Bisogno, president and founder of El Club del Té (The Tea Club), has spent her entire life intimately connected with tea. For her, tea represents both pleasure and culture, and that’s how she has come to create a world of charm and awareness, leading a team of young adults that transmits the essence of Victoria’s relationship with tea: passion.

As a young girl, her French grandmother introduced her to the customs surrounding tea, teaching her to handle tea leaves with commitment and elegance. It was through this ritual that she perceived to be magical that this little girl began to discover the subtlety of aromas and flavors, and, paired with unforgettable conversations, have remained forever in Victoria’s heart and served as her inspiration.

Two things that Victoria always enjoyed were challenges and traveling, which led her to receive a degree in Engineering and work in various different countries early in her career. Keeping in mind her passion for tea, she took advantage of her travels, touring tea estates and stopping by every single tea house that crossed her path, searching for the best teas in the world, such as single estates and limited harvests. Later, she studied under the most renowned tea masters in London and Paris, and began to prepare her first blends.

This was when she met Martin Frangioli, another engineer, and charmed him over an Earl Gray, which, like a magical potion, turned them into the love of each others lives.

But this calling to tea was so compelling that there was no escape, and one rainy afternoon while sharing a cup of tea, Martin and Victoria decided to turn their professional lives upside-down, and that day, El Club del Té (The Tea Club) was born.

Since then, El Club del Té has transformed into a prestigious organization that is recognized internationally. It has the best instructors and teaches students from across the globe. The Club has courses in both Spanish and English, embraces modern techniques while retaining tradition, and attracts young, entrepreneurial people who share values, learn, and enjoy themselves.

In addition, Victoria is the founder of Charming Blends, a brand that specialized in teas of the highest quality. She also presents at the World Tea Expo, writes for specialty newspapers and magazines, and teaches specialized courses related to tea.

“When you have a revelation, which is to say, when you discover something that is beautiful and wonderful, you only have one option: share it- this is why El Club del Té exists… I’ve been around tea since my birth. I fell in love over a cup of tea. And I hope to spend my life sharing the pleasure and passion that it awakens.”


Brief CV

Engineer graduated on University of Buenos Aires, she is dedicated to tea blending, spreading the charm of tea through her brand Charming Blends.

Founder of the Tea Club, she is dedicated to the spread of tea culture through this organization, which she presides.

Author of “The Tea Sommelier Handbook”, “The Alchemy of Tea” and numerous publications in newspapers and magazines. She collaborates with specialized gourmet magazines and offers training courses in Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

He lectures at numerous international exhibitions and at the World Tea Expo held annually in USA.

She collaborates with various NGOs in supporting environmental stewardship.

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