If you want to be a member of The Tea Club you can join in the initial interview.

Date: Friday April 8th
Time: 4:00 pm
Address: Carrer Gran de Gracia, 91 – Barcelona
Price: USD 40 (No monthly fee is charged)

Being a member of The Tea Club means sharing the passion for tea and sharing our values.

To become a member you must have an interview with the authorities of the Club. The interview is a meeting that aims to know each other, explain how the Club works and explain what values are important to be part of the Tea Club.

Steps to join – Conditions:
1) Pay the membership interview.
2) Wait for confirmation of your place to attend the interview. You will receive your confirmation by email.
3) Attend the membership interview in person or online thought videoconference (you will be asked to present an ID).
4) After attending the interview, you will be confirmed as a member by receiving your membership card. The interview has a cost of USD 40 or equivalent in local currency. Payment is made only once in advance. No monthly fee is charged.



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