Catas de Té

A cupping is a meeting where we analyse the sensory profile of different varieties of tea (Camellia sinensis), led by a Certified Tea Sommelier. In this type of event, we strive to know the origin, the history, the terroir, the production method, the tea sensory profile (its organoleptic characteristics, such as aroma, taste, tactile sensations, etc.), and the latest market trends as to each type of tea, allowing students to further their knowledge on the subject and practice.

Cuppings are aimed at tea professionals and tea lovers with or without previous technical knowledge on the subject, who are willing to discover new characteristics of special teas. Moreover, cuppings are an opportunity to know and discover types of tea from special harvests and origins, which have never been seen before in the West.

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CUPPING OF Chinese Tea
The cupping of Chinese tea is a meeting where we explore the culture of the country where this infusion was created. We discover the climate, the geography, and the terroir of the main tea producing regions of China.
CUPPING OF Japanese Tea
We invite you to explore the Rising Sun culture with this unique cupping of the main varieties of Japanese tea.
Come explore the mystical India and its delicious teas. We will talk about the geography and the climate of this country, which are favourable for the production of Camellia sinensis, the tea plant.