Corporate Events


Corporate events are meetings, tea parties, in-company events or private courses for organizations of different industries that aim to both train their work teams and surprise them with an original and first-level activity. Our corporate events can be part of an induction, training or generation of teams as activities for team building.

Some of the events that we offer are:

  • Presentation on “tea culture”
  • Presentation on “introduction to tea”
  • Professional cuppings with single origin teas
  • Tastings
  • Ceremonies
  • Practical workshops on tea to encourage creativity
  • Tea workshops to encourage teamwork
  • In-company courses

All our events include an audiovisual presentation given by our tea experts, tableware, and professional utensils, as well as premium teas and a pairing specially selected to harmonise the combination of tea with food.

Moreover, we offer corporate gifts for special occasions and exclusive blend designs made by Victoria Bisogno.

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Eventos Corporativos Empresariales




  • Because it has the best team of educators* worldwide: Victoria Bisogno, Founder and President of The Club, is the author of the books “Tea Sommelier Handbook”, which was edited in Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese, and “The Alchemy of Tea”, edited in Spanish, English and Korean. Victoria also lectures at the World Tea Expo, founded Charming Blends, and was nominated for “Best Tea Educator” category in 2015 and 2016 WORLD TEA AWARDS. Kenny Vega is a Certified Tea Sommelier and the Founder of Punto de Té and online.
  • It transcends borders and goes all over the world: More than 1100 students from Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Asia have taken the courses of The Tea Club and have confirmed their quality.
  • This is the organisation that has created more entrepreneurs** in America and Europe. In the last years, more than 130 tea enterprises have been created, founded by graduated students from The Tea Club.
  • This is the only organisation that has specialised books written by its team of educators.

*2014, 2015 & 2016 WORLD TEA AWARDS.
** Companies of our students


They have trusted us