Cursos de té

We teach courses for tea lovers and professional training courses for entrepreneurs.

The lessons are given by Victoria Bisogno, engineer, consultant, tea blender of the industry, and the author of the books “The Alchemy of Tea” and “Tea Sommelier Handbook”. Moreover, Victoria is one of the best tea educators of the world; in fact, she was nominated to “Best Tea Educator” category in 2015 and 2016 WORLD TEA AWARDS. Other educators, such as Jane Pettigrew, Martín Frangioli, and Kenny Vega, are also part of the education team of The Tea Club (El Club del Té).

Our course are given in person in Buenos AiresBarcelona, and Madrid, and ONLINE for the rest of the world, both in Spanish and English.


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Tea Cupper COURSE
The Tea Cupper Course is an international certification course aimed at tea sommeliers who, for professional development or for pleasure, wish to specialize in tea tasting, developing their sensory perception and expertise.
This tea course is the first step for those tea lovers who wish to explore the culture of this ancient infusion that comes from the Camellia sinensis plant.
This is an international-level training, aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to create their own tea brand, and at tea lovers who for pleasure want to specialise in the design and production of tea blends (mixes of tea) and infusions, by learning about the art, the techniques, and the secrets of this hidden and fascinating profession.
This is an international certification course for tea lovers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who wish to learn and specialise in the different technical and cultural aspects of this ancient beverage professionally or for pleasure.