Devoted to our mission to promote tea culture, at The Tea Club we have published specialized books that are today consulted by professionals, entrepreneurs and tea lovers around the world.

Victoria Bisogno and Jane Pettigrew have carried out numerous investigations over the last years, which have allowed them to transfer their knowledge and experiences to the books they have published.

These are unique works that cover the main aspects of tea and are oriented to those who wish to initiate and / or deepen their knowledge in the matter.

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This is the first book completely dedicated to Tea Blending, which covers both theoretical and technical aspects of a “hidden and fascinating” profession.
This book explores the knowledge a person must have to start a journey in the world of tea and offers both technical and cultural aspects of tea.
This book provides an overview of more than one hundred teas of the entire world, from Asia (including China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Taiwan) through to North America and a wide range of African countries.
This is a collection of the best pastry recipes to prepare a traditional British tea. The book offers hundreds of recipes for cakes, biscuits, buns, flavoured breads, and meringues, among others.
This book is aimed at the professionals of the tea industry so that they can get further knowledge about the product and thus increase their sales. The book is also aimed at tea lovers so that they can learn how to describe tea correctly and enjoy it in all its phases, generating much more than pleasant moments.