This book explores the knowledge a person must have to start a journey in the world of tea and offers both technical and cultural aspects, which together with an intense practice and a formal education give the interested person the ability to:

  • Distinguish the main types and varieties of tea, and the correct way of brewing them
  • Recognise the principal sensory characteristics of different types of tea
  • Evaluate tea quality
  • Select suppliers and provide tea for the service
  • Design tea menus
  • Know about the correct method to store tea
  • Know and select the necessary utensils for tea service
  • Arrange the room and the tea service
  • Organise different types of tea service
  • Direct cuppings, tastings, and presentations on tea
  • Advise and guide clients as to the selection of tea and the correct pairing for every moment of the day
  • Start his or her own tea enterprise
  • Turn the act of drinking tea into a sensory experience, and be able to describe it

The book is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.


Victoria Bisogno and Jane Pettigrew

The book is available in
Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian.


Libro Manual del Sommelier de Té de Victoria Bisogno


Jane Pettigrew is a freelance editor, writer, tea consultant and trainer. She trains staff in tea companies, five-star hotels, and top tea rooms. She also gives tea master classes in the United Kingdom and around the world. She is a member of the training team at the World Tea Expo in the United States every year and she also speaks at international tea conferences and exhibitions. She has written 14 books on tea, 18 other books on food and food history, and her articles and essays on various tea-related subjects have appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom and overseas. She appears regularly on television and radio to discuss the different aspects of tea and its history.

Victoria Bisogno is an engineer from the University of Buenos Aires, consultant, tea blender, and writer specialised in tea. She is the President and Founder of The Tea Club (El Club del Té), and she is dedicated to spread tea culture through this organisation.

She is the author of the books “Tea Sommelier Handbook” and “The Alchemy of Tea”, as well as of numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. She collaborates with gourmet magazines in the specialisation of tea and gives training courses in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian in different cities of the world, mainly in Europe and Latin America. She also offers online courses for the whole world.

Victoria works as a tea blender and spreads the charm of tea through her brand Charming Blends – The Charm of Tea. She lectures at numerous international exhibitions and at the World Tea Expo, which is held annually in the United Stated.

Victoria was nominated for “Best Tea Educator” category in 2015 and 2016 World Tea Awards.