The Japan Tea Tour is  a trip focused on culture and tea. It includes guided tours to learn about Japan’s culture and history, and also specific tea trainings to immerse in the Universe of Japanese teas.

Join us on a journey to discover Japanese tea from the plantation to the cup. Enjoy picking tea leaves in beautiful fields, visit tea factories, savor traditional and modern Japanese tea, live ancient rituals and much more!

The tour includes courses, cuppings and visits. Exclusive for Tea Club members.

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tea plantations in the Japan Tea Tour


Our trip begins in Tokyo with visits to the city temples and main attractions, guided by a professional tourist guide. Then we take the Shinkasen (the high speed train) to Kyoto, the former Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years. There we will walk along ancient streets meeting girls  gracefully dressed in geisha style. What about a cup of tea served in an old tea house?

VISIT KIOTO geishas in the papan tea tour

After having a broad image of Japan’s main cities’ history and beauty, we will enter the world of Japanese tea. First, we will experience tea picking in the beautiful fields of Wazuka’s hills, in the South of Kyoto prefecture. Then, we will enjoy hand rolling processing. We will finish the experience in Wazuka with a lecture by a Japanese tea master on Japanese ceremonies and teas.

Our trip continues in Uji, well known for the quality of it’s matcha and gyokuro tea. We will taste some locally made teas, experience grinding matcha using a stone mill, just as it has been made for centuries, and we will bake our own huojicha, all of these are hands-on experiences.

Then we will farewell Kyoto to visit Kakegawa, in the south of Shizuoka Prefecture, to learn the details of deep steamed tea processing in the eco-friendly “Chagusaba” farms, designated as the UN’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System passed down over the generations.

During our trip we will be able to enjoy the traditional Japanese baths with sauna and hot and cold water pools, and experience cuppings of Japanese teas of different origin, cultivars and harvests, including organic and non-organic.

The tour is conducted both in Spanish and English.

plucking tea leaves



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*2014, 2015 & 2016 WORLD TEA AWARDS.
** Companies of our students